You will be the one to take the first step to save the planet!

The only way to regenerate our environment is through a healthy financial ecosystem, tied to the responsible use of resources and carefully planned ESG investment criteria. Tupan AuGreen provides these solutions through our carefully selected projects that aim to yield profit, and environmental impact using the principles of circular bio-economy within the secure and practical blockchain technology!

Welcome to our launch

Tupan AuGreen is a tokenized share of the ForestAu Green investment fund, by acquiring the token directly from us, the issuer, you’re entitled to your tokens that should be faced as shares of the company, as well as dividends.

From outdated conventional investments to the rise of the regenerative bio-economy, be a part of this change with Tupan AuGreen!

Don’t know what are our fund’s projects?

The Tupan team reminds you, to invest in securities and equities you must be an Accredited Investor!